Types of Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy Fences

Although proper landscaping can make your yard look pretty, choosing the right plants for your landscape design can also have functional purposes. If you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together and you want a little more privacy in your backyard or on the side of your house, you should incorporate some fast growing shrubs into your design that can double as a privacy fence. Here are a few types of plants that can form a perfect privacy hedge:

Siberian Peashrub

The Siberian Peashrub is a good choice for a privacy hedge, because it grows quickly and has very dense foliage. Its wide canopy allows you to plant fewer plants to cover a big area. They are very drought and cold resistant, making them perfect for northern climates.

Surinam Cherry Hedge

This Hedge is very sturdy and grows quickly once it takes root. The Surinam Cherry Hedge thrives in tropical and subtropical climates, making it perfect for homeowners in Florida. It can grow as high as 25 feet and can easily be trimmed to make a perfect privacy hedge. It also produces tiny red, orange and yellow fruits that resemble tiny pumpkins.

Leyland Cypress

This is another fast growing shrub that many people use for privacy. It thrives in full sun and will grow in a variety of different soils. The downside to the Leyland Cypress is that it is very susceptible to disease, and if the roots do not take well to the ground, it will be one of the first things to blow over in a storm.

Boxwood Shrub

If you live in an extremely cold climate and you are look for a hardy hedge, the Boxwood Shrub is a perfect choice. It will survive in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees fahrenheit, and requires minimal watering. It grows tall and fast, making it a good privacy hedge, but it does not grow well in tropical climates.

Finding the right shrub for your privacy needs will depend on your climate and use. Make sure that you research what types of shrubs will thrive best in your area before deciding. Privacy hedges can not only block your neighbors from seeing in your house and yard, but they can also block unsightly equipment, such as air conditioning units and electrical boxes. If you need help choosing the right hedge for you or don’t know how to properly plant your privacy hedge, find a landscaper through landscaper.org to help you get started.

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