How to Get Rid of Pesky Lawn Mushrooms
Fertilization, Weed Control February 22, 2013

How to Get Rid of Pesky Lawn Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fascinating and productive organisms that recycle waste and release nutrients. Although they are harmless and even helpful to the environment, they are still an unfortunate eye soar in the middle of a beautiful lawn. Even though they can appear during any time of year, lawn mushrooms normally pop up during the rainy seasons. You may have single mushrooms scattered all over your lawn, or have patches with several mushrooms together. Mushrooms only appear when they have something to feed on. To figure out how to get rid of them you need to figure out the source of their growth and how they reproduce.

The mushrooms that you see in your lawn are actually the “fruit” of the fungi. Underneath the surface of your lawn the fungi is feeding on some sort of organic matter. The mushroom is just the byproduct. The most common causes of lawn mushrooms include animal waste, old mulch, tree stumps, and decaying branches. If your yard is prone to any of these things, than that is probably the cause of your mushroom problem. By removing these “mushroom triggers” you will see a significant reduction in mushroom growth. The fungus can also be brought to your lawn via wind and rain from neighboring areas.

Your goal should not be to kill mushrooms in your lawn. Because a mushroom is just the fruiting body of a fungus, removing the mushroom does not get rid of the fungus. The fungus lives below the ground decomposing organic matter and releasing nutrients in your soil. When the fungus gets an excess of organic matter, it produces mushrooms. Mushrooms then spread the fungus by releasing spores that are carried by wind to other parts of your yard.

The best way to prevent the spreading of the fungus is by picking the mushrooms as soon as you see them. This way it doesn’t give them a chance to spread to other parts of your yard. Although lawn mushrooms do not hurt your yard, they can be very poisonous to pets and children. This is another reason that you should try to remove mushrooms as soon as they pop up. Newly laid sod is specifically prone to mushrooms as it begins to take root. This is due to the extra watering that new sod receives. Making it a perfect environment for fungus to grow. If you have the problem of lawn mushrooms in newly laid sod, don’t freak out. As you begin to cut back on watering the mushrooms should decrease substantially.

Most lawn care services will pick the mushrooms as soon as they see them. This is your best bet to keep them from spreading. The hard part is that you have to consistently pick them to keep them from reoccurring. If you have an extreme problem with lawn mushrooms, you may want to hire a lawn service to get them under control.

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