Best Types of Mulch for Your Flower Bed

Best Types of Mulch for Your Flower Bed

If you want to give your flower bed a quick facelift, adding mulch is an easy way to do it. The mulch you select for your flower bed can make your flowers stand out and also improve their health. As you think about the types of mulch that are right for your flower bed, keep these tips in mind.

Selecting the right color- The color you select for your flower bed should make your flowers stand out, but it should also help these delicate plants thrive. Red, brown and black mulches can add contrast to your flower bed that really highlights your flowers. Aside from selecting a color that works aesthetically, you need to make sure the color mulch you’re considering is the right choice for the health of your plants. Most flowers have different sensitivity to heat, some being more heat-tolerant than others. If you want to use a dark colored mulch in your flower bed (like dark brown or black), do a little research to make sure your flowers are heat-tolerant. These dark mulches absorb heat easily, and circulate that heat back to your plants. If you use a dark colored mulch with heat-resistant flowers, you can damage them.

Mulch that keeps flowers healthy- Most organic mulches (like wood, grass or shredded leaves) can restore nutrients to your soil as they decompose. If you’re looking to improve the health of your soil with little upkeep and few side effects, shredded pine is a great option. This is one of the types of mulch that breaks down slower than other organic options, adding nutrients to your soil and removing excess nitrogen without forcing you to replenish your mulch too often. It also breaks down faster than mulch nuggets, so you’ll see your soil (and flowers!) improve sooner. Shredded mulch also acts as a great insulator for your plants, protecting them from drastic temperature shifts. It will keep your plants warm during cold winter months, and cool in the summer.

Mulch that keeps weeds away- Adding mulch to your garden can act as a barrier for weeds, while allowing your flowers to flourish. You can prevent weeds by choosing a shredded, chunk, or nugget mulch type so long as you apply it in the right proportions, however, shredded mulches are usually easier to spread around your plants. A two to three inch layer of your mulch of choice will prevent any weeds from creeping into your garden. No matter what types of mulch you select to keep weeds away, don’t think that you need to pile mulch around your flowers in order to keep weeds away. Doing this can make your plants rot.

Selecting the best types of mulch for your flower bed can mean healthier, more beautiful flowers. If you want to create an even more beautiful landscaping feature, you have to consider what these types of mulch can do for your flower bed. If you’re unsure about which mulch is the perfect option for your flower bed, don’t be scared to get a second opinion. With the help of a professional landscaper, your flower bed will be looking better than ever.


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