6 Types of Shrubs for Great Curb Appeal

6 Types of Shrubs for Great Curb Appeal

Lining your yard with a pretty shrub can change the look of your entire house. It makes it look clean and finished. It can add a fun pop of color or a clean green trim. It can give you privacy from your neighbors, or spruce up a blank wall. Picking the right shrubs can tie your whole landscape together. Here are a few types of shrubs that make for a great curb appeal on your home.

1) Gardenia – The gardenia is a pretty hardy, relatively drought resistant shrub that produces little white flowers in the spring and summer. The rest of the year it produces green foliage that looks nice with most landscapes.

2) Crotons – If you want a shrub thats a little different, Crotons are a good option. Instead of traditional green leaves, the leaves on a croton turn a variety of different colors. The leaves are usually a combination of green, red, yellow, and orange. If you are looking to add an easy pop of color, Crotons are a perfect option.

3) Cherry Hedges – If you are looking for a shrub to cover up electrical equipment or to give some privacy from your neighbor, than a cherry hedge maybe a good option. Cherry hedges grow quickly and are easy to shape into a privacy wall.

4) The Pinwheel Jasmine – This plant produces very pretty white flowers that resemble mini pinwheels. Pinwheel Jasmines thrive in areas that have half the day in the sun and half in the shade. With their dark green leaves and bright white flowers, they are perfect for adding interest to any landscape design.

5) Ilex (Japanese Holly) – This plant is perfect for lining walk ways and other areas where you want low growing, easily shaped shrub. They only grow to be about 2-3 feet tall and have deep green, unique shaped leaves. It is a very dense shrub that can easily be trimmed to form little spheres, which a perfect for lining a wall or entrance.

6) Boxwood Shrub – The boxwood shrub is another easily shaped shrub. It is drought-tolerant, and easy to maintain. It works well as a hedge and thrives in direct sun. Due to its evergreen texture, it is a more northern looking plant.

Picking the right shrubs for your landscaping project depends on your location, climate, use, and style. There are so many types of shrubs that there is no best best option that works for everyone. If you are looking for a privacy shrub, you need to find one that is more dense and fast growing, while still thriving in your lawn’s specific living conditions. If you need a pop of color, you may want to find a smaller, slow growing shrub with bright flowers that thrives in your environment. If you need help designing a new landscape in your yard, or you are just trying to spruce up your old one, you may consider hiring a professional landscaping service to find plants that are perfect for your needs.

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