5 Ways to Have Beautiful Modern Landscaping

5 Ways to Have Beautiful Modern Landscaping

Modern landscaping can be beautiful, but if you over-do it, “modern” can start to mean “boring and cold.” There are multiple ways to achieve a welcoming modern landscape, but they all have something in common: you need to combine geometric and organic shapes. Too much of either will not achieve the modern look you’re going for. Whether you’re adding a modern touch to your yard or want completely modern landscaping, these 5 modern landscaping ideas will improve your lawn.

Use concrete, stone or gravel. Incorporating these materials into your landscaping will contrast with your plants and give your lawn that modern look. But don’t just incorporate these into your walkways. The key to beautiful modern landscaping is doing something unique. You can lay out concrete slabs throughout your lawn in a checkerboard pattern, create rows of gravel surrounding your flower beds, or fill your entire lawn with gravel and surround it with plants and flowers.

Add simple planters. Combining planters with grounded plants will add a uniquely modern look to your yard. The type of planter you choose will determine how modern of a look you’ll achieve. Look for planters with simple, rather than ornate styles. Go for planters that have a rectangular, bowl or cylindrical shape. You can also find planters with bold colors or spray paint them yourself. Planters can make great focal points in your landscaping.

Create levels. Creating different levels in your yard, or adding curbing can make for a very modern look. You can put different plants on each level, varying between straight-hedged bushes, flowers and tall grass-like plants. Installing curbing around your bushes or flowerbeds will highlight the area and give it that unique, modern flair.

Use color. Touches of color can bring life to a modern landscape so it won’t be at risk of looking cold or boring. Look for plants that have unique colors and shapes, like succulents. You can also bring in color by adding a wooden plank pathway or a stained wood deck.

Add a focal point. A modern focal point will make your landscaping stand out. A focal point can be anything that carries over that sleek, modern look that you want your yard to achieve. You can try to find a bird bath with a modern shape, add a water feature to your yard, install lights along a pathway or along the outer edges of your lawn, or add in modern furniture.

When it comes to modern landscaping, almost no idea is too out-there, so feel free to experiment. It is important though to keep your lawn and plants neat and nicely trimmed to add to the modern look. Modern landscaping can require more upkeep than more traditional lawn, but don’t let that scare you away from this beautiful look–hiring a lawn care professional can take some of the responsibility off of your shoulders.

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