3 Low Maintenance Types of Grass for Lawns

Low maintenance grass is every homeowners dream, but if you want to have a nice lawn you may have to compromise on just how low maintenance it will be. Grass is a living thing and, as such, will require some TLC. However, depending on the type of grass you choose, you may be able to get away with relaxing a little in certain areas. Some types of grass for lawns let you get away with watering less, mowing less, or can withstand more foot traffic–meaning less time spent performing that specific care tactic.

Each grass type has its own benefits.  The grass you choose may not be completely low maintenance, but if you look hard enough you should be able to find a grass type that saves you time somewhere, whether its during watering, mowing or fertilizing. The three grass types below require little maintenance in the areas of watering, mowing, or repairing your grass after heavy foot traffic.

Drought resistant: Buffalo grass requires little watering once it’s established  and does best under full sunlight, making it perfect for hot, sunny regions. It also stays its healthiest at a height of about 5 inches, so it doesn’t need frequent mowing. The downside is that it doesn’t handle foot traffic very well.

Light mowing: Fine leaf fescues require very little mowing. They only grow to a height of about 6 to 8 inches, so you may be able to get away with mowing just once a season. This grass type is best for shady lawns.

Durable: Some types of grass for lawns are better able to withstand heavy foot traffic. If your lifestyle lends to a lot of outdoor activities on your lawn, you should consider a grass that can withstand these activities. Zoysia grass is durable against traffic, and can grow in both the sun and shade.

Choosing the right low maintenance grass for your lawn isn’t always as simple as checking off the lawn maintenance task you don’t feel like doing. You have to also consider whether the grass type is right for the region you live in by assessing the type of soil you have, along with temperature shifts and weather patterns where you live. If you really want grass that will look decent despite minimal care, you should plant different species of grasses together. By doing this, you ensure that some portion of your lawn will survive drought, insects or disease even when the rest does not.

Being thorough while selecting the grass for your lawn is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t have to put in much maintenance. The more thought you put into it, the less likely you are to have to nurse any damaged grass back to health. If you want to be certain you’re choosing the perfect low maintenance grass for your lawn, you should seek the opinion of a local professional landscaper. They’re well equipped to identify the perfect types of grass for lawns in your area and can also take any grass maintenance responsibilities out of your hands. If you want to find the perfect low maintenance solution to all of your grass care concerns, contact a professional landscaper today!

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